School Uniform

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All our children are expected, at all times to wear school uniform included in the list below which is recommended by the school and has been approved by the Governors and parents of the school. Children attending St. Matthew’s Nursery are expected to wear the school jumper or cardigan (from September 2016).

Recommended School Uniform – as follows


  • skirts/pinafore dresses (grey), trousers (grey/black)
  • sweaters/sweatshirts/fleece/cardigans (navy blue)
  • blouses/shirts/polo-necked shirts (white)
  • socks/tights (white/grey/black)
  • cotton ‘summer dress’ (white/blue check)


  • trousers (grey/black)
  • sweaters/sweatshirts/fleece (navy blue)
  • shirt/polo-necked shirts (white)
  • socks (grey)
  • footwear – black shoes/trainers (all black including laces, no obvious logos)

All the above items are stocked by Parkers of Bolton including the navy blue sweatshirts with the new school logo.  Uniform can also be purchased from Tesco’s Online Embroidery Service. For each purchase from Tesco, school receives 5% commission and those with a Tesco ‘Clubcard’ will receive points. Our only ‘branded’ schoolwear is our jumper/cardigan, bookbag and reversible fleece jacket.

Last Updated On August 24, 2018