Have a look at what Year 3 are learning about this term.

Year 3 Curriculum Letter Summer term 2023

Miss Manly has started a science club with some of our Year 3 children. At the end of the sessions, the children will earn a very special certificate and badge.

Session 8 - Journey Stick

The children found out about how some native Americans and some Aboriginal people used to used to tie/stick things that they find to a stick which would help them tell others about their journeys.  They had fun in the forest school creating their own journey sticks and discussing them with the group. 


Session 7 - Fantastic Fingerprints

The children read an article about the possibility of fingerprint technology being used in schools.  We looked at different types of fingerprints and looked closely at our own using phonoscopes.  We also talked about how detectives are able to lift fingerprints from a crime scene and find out who committed the crime.  The children  practised these skills and tried to find the best materials to use to do this. They even managed to lift their fingerprints from a piece of plastic and use tape to put on on paper to view easier. 

Session 6 - Disappearing Dinosaurs

The children read about poem about dinosaurs becoming extinct.  We all then had a discussion about the reason that dinosaurs no longer exist and considered a range of theories.  The children then carried out further research on the internet to try and decide on the most likely theory. 



Session 5 - Dog Napper 

The children looked at an article about a dog being kidnapped and held for ransom.  Using their knowledge of chromatography, they investigated which pen (which belonged to the suspects) was used to write the ransom note. 

Session 4 - Bridge Blunder

The children had to investigate which type of bridge is the strongest. They built models of bridges using card and paper and tested how strong they were using weights. 

Session 3 - Chromatography

The children had fun learning about chromatography and were surprised to find out black inks are made by mixing different colours.  They then used this knowledge and made book marks. 


Session 2 - Racing Rockets

The children investigated the best shape for a rocket.  They made paper rockets and then changed the shape and added fins etc to see which rocket would travel the furthest. 

Session 1 - Super Spinners

The children were investigating which size blades would be best for a helicopter.  They made and tested paper spinners. 




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